Ellem Vee Beauty is more than makeup you wear. We are beauty that channels the moon’s energy to inspire one to practice higher consciousness about who and what they want to be, with every application of our products.

Launched on 2.1.22  Lunar New year 2022 , Product development, names , themes, and timelines such as launch dates , are all intentionally chosen to align with the exact times and dates of chosen moon phases.

The moon exerts its strong gravitational energy that causes the changing tides in our oceans and seas. We humans being composed of 70% water also feel and channel such amplified energy.

The New moon phase is a very potent time for manifesting, symbolizing beginning a new phase or new projects, planting seeds, setting intentions and goals , and focusing your mind to taking  dedicated action.

Application of our products are meant to encourage and Inspire women to practice higher consciousness on who they want to be by encouraging setting intentions and goals , to then take dedicated action .

Our mission is to invoke beauty that promotes confidence , determination, creativity, and passion by being intentional about what you wish to manifest! Radiate the energy you wish to attract!